Timeline/Prep Assistance ($900+)

So you’ve planned all of your vendors and have all hands deck ready to help make your day amazing. But you’re hoping for one final review from a professional to be sure your plans are in order and you haven’t missed out on any little details. With my help, we’ll review ALL of your details and plans. You’ll receive a timeline document to provide to all of your vendors and be confident your plans are ready for your wedding day!

Ceremony Coordination ($650+)

The ceremony is arguably the most important piece of your wedding day, because hey news flash, without a ceremony … you didn’t get married! But wait, who is going to cue the music? Or make sure your bridal party is lined up and ready to walk down the aisle? You can’t have your family members out chasing everyone down as the music is starting. You want a coordinator on site and ready to direct while making sure dresses are fluffed and smiles are on before walking down the aisle, and you’ll get just that!

Wedding Day Coordination ($1500+)

Congratulations, you’ve planned everything out and have your entire wedding day organized, but now how the heck do you make sure it all works out exactly as planned? We will go in depth with all of your plans, every last detail so that I know exactly how you expect your wedding day to look, feel, flow, and all about your vendors. You will get peace of mind knowing someone who knows every detail of your day will be there to answer any questions and take care of any mishaps! I’ll take care of communicating with all of your vendors to confirm everyone is on the same page, and be the go to person throughout the wedding day so that instead of worrying about details or answering thousands of questions, you actually get to enjoy your wedding day!

Basic Wedding Planning ($3000+)

Maybe you know exactly what you want, but have no idea how to execute your vision. We will go over inspiration pictures/vision boards and put your dreams to paper. I’ll help you select the vendors needed to make your day perfect, and you’ll also get peace of mind knowing I have been involved in every detail of planning, so nothing will be missed throughout the process. You need someone to be hands-on and help you through the entire process – and you get just that!

Custom Packages (price varies)

Maybe you have a special request that you’re not sure how certain aspects of your day are going to play out. Please don’t hesitate to ask and we can create a custom package that fits your needs!